Announcing Music in a Lifetime!

The Wellington Winds is very pleased to announce the release of its new web-based learning resource, Music in a Lifetime:

Music in a Lifetime promo.
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Music in a Lifetime is dedicated to the role that being involved in music can play in a fulfilled and rewarding life. The website helps young musicians explore community music-making at its finest, through the music and musicians of the Wellington Winds. It helps students to explore the role that music might continue to play in their lives after high school, no matter what path they take in life.

An Inquiry Approach

The resource uses an inquiry approach that puts students’ questions at the centre of learning. Students exploring the website are invited to develop questions, explore the resources, and formulate their own ideas. Teachers may use the curriculum connections we suggest to guide student inquiry. The inquiry approach motivates students to explore ideas more deeply.

The website is designed to be used independently by students, or within the context of curriculum-based inquiry learning in the music classroom. The For Teachers section provides resources for teachers to make connections to the Ontario Curriculum, within an inquiry framework.

The Appassionato Project

The Music in a Lifetime website has been developed as part of the Wellington Winds’ Appassionato Project. Complimentary copies of the Appassionato DVD are available for music teachers in Ontario to use as a supplement to the website (See the Music in a Lifetime website for more information). The website embeds Appassionato Project videos as well as additional material from the Wellington Winds YouTube channel.

Please help us spread the word about this exciting new resource!

Music in a Lifetime